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Change Log


  • Add functionality to pull data from multiple containers per phone sensor
  • Add walking cadence and activity fragmentation features to FITBIT_STEPS_INTRADAY RAPIDS provider
  • Add parameter to exclude rows with implausible step count values from Fitbit steps intraday feature computation
  • Update tests for Fitbit steps intraday features
  • Fix bug of None/NULL values in parsed Fitbit heartrate summary JSON data
  • Add parameter to PHONE_LOCATIONS DORYAB provider to exclude rows of locations data with implausible speed values from feature computation


  • Fix bug in process_location_types.R script that allowed for <1 minute time differences between a final resampled row and the next sensed location row
  • Fix bug in PHONE_BATTERY RAPIDS provider that could result in negative values for battery consumption rate features
  • Fix bug in PHONE_APPLICATIONS_FOREGROUND RAPIDS provider that could result in some rows being excluded from output depending on order in which apps are processed
  • Fix bug in PHONE_SCREEN RAPIDS provider that dropped rows exceeding specified thresholds based on within-segment rather than overall episode duration
  • Add mutation script to fix character encoding of bt_name column in phone Bluetooth data
  • Add mutation script to fix character encoding of package_name, before_text, and current_text columns in phone keyboard data
  • Specify that R version 4.2.3 be installed in tests workflow and Dockerfile
  • Update documentation for Docker, Mac and Ubuntu installation


  • Update documentation for phone WiFI connected and WiFI visible behavioral features


  • Add mutation script to fix character encoding of application_name column in phone applications foreground data
  • Fix discrepancies between computed episode and event features in PHONE_APPLICATIONS_FOREGROUND RAPIDS provider
  • Upgrade cli, lifecycle, lubridate, pillar, and vctrs R packages
  • Fix bug that scrambled the column order of resampled episodes when processng multiple time zones and some data fell outside those timezone periods
  • Resolve column specification warning messages produced by readable_datetime.R script
  • Add Checkout action to Docker workflow for solving an issue that can cause Build & Push action to fail


  • It fixes a library conflict that broke RAPIDS installation


  • Upgrade generics, stringi, Hmisc, ellipsis, glue, rlang, tibble, and vctrs packages
  • Optimize memory usage in readable_datetime.R script
  • Fix the bug of missing local_segment column in FITBIT_SLEEP_SUMMARY RAPIDS provider
  • Add TYPING_SESSION_DURATION parameter for typing sessions detection to PHONE_KEYBOARD RAPIDS provider
  • Add steps volatility features
  • Add tests for steps volatility features


  • Add data stream for AWARE Micro server
  • Fix the NA bug in PHONE_LOCATIONS BARNETT provider
  • Fix the bug of data type for call_duration field
  • Fix the index bug of heatmap_sensors_per_minute_per_time_segment


  • Update docs for Git Flow section
  • Update RAPIDS paper information


  • Add firststeptime and laststeptime features to FITBIT_STEPS_INTRADAY RAPIDS provider
  • Update tests for Fitbit steps intraday features
  • Add tests for phone battery features
  • Add a data cleaning module to replace NAs with 0 in selected event-based features, discard unreliable rows and columns, discard columns with zero variance, and discard highly correlated columns


  • Refactor PHONE_CALLS RAPIDS provider to compute features based on call episodes or events
  • Refactor PHONE_LOCATIONS DORYAB provider to compute features based on location episodes
  • Temporary revert PHONE_LOCATIONS BARNETT provider to use R script
  • Update the default IGNORE_EPISODES_LONGER_THAN to be 6 hours for screen RAPIDS provider
  • Fix the bug of step intraday features when INCLUDE_ZERO_STEP_ROWS is False


  • Update Barnett location features with faster Python implementation
  • Fix rounding bug in data yield features
  • Add tests for data yield, Fitbit and accelerometer features
  • Small fixes of documentation


  • Update home page
  • Add PHONE_MESSAGES tests


  • Add new Application Foreground episode features and tests
  • Update VSCode setup instructions for our Docker container
  • Add tests for phone calls features
  • Add tests for WiFI features and fix a bug that incorrectly counted the most scanned device within the current time segment instances instead of globally
  • Add tests for phone conversation features
  • Add tests for Bluetooth features and choose the most scanned device alphabetically when ties exist
  • Add tests for Activity Recognition features and fix iOS unknown activity parsing
  • Fix Fitbit bug that parsed date-times with the current time zone in rare cases
  • Update the visualizations to be more precise and robust with different time segments.
  • Fix regression crash of the example analysis workflow


  • Refactor PHONE_LOCATIONS DORYAB provider. Fix bugs and faster execution up to 30x
  • New PHONE_KEYBOARD features
  • Add a new strategy to infer home location that can handle multiple homes for the same participant
  • Add module to exclude sleep episodes from steps intraday features
  • Fix PID matching when joining data from multiple participants. Now, we can handle PIDS with an arbitrary format.
  • Fix bug that did not correctly parse participants with more than 2 phones or more than 1 wearable
  • Fix crash when no phone data yield is needed to process location data (ALL & GPS location providers)
  • Remove location rows with the same timestamp based on their accuracy
  • Fix PHONE_CONVERSATION bug that produced inaccurate ratio features when time segments were not daily.
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Sleep summary and intraday features are more consistent.
  • Add wake and bedtime features for sleep summary data.
  • Fix bugs with sleep PRICE features.
  • Update home page
  • Add contributing guide


  • Fix length of periodic segments on days with DLS
  • Fix crash when scraping data for an app that does not exist
  • Add tests for phone screen data


  • Add Fitbit calories intraday features


  • Fix crash in chunk_episodes of for multi time zone data
  • Fix crash in BT Doryab provider when the number of clusters is 2
  • Fix Fitbit multi time zone inference from phone data (simplify)
  • Fix missing columns when the input for phone data yield is empty
  • Fix wrong date time labels for event segments for multi time zone data (all labels are computed based on a single tz)
  • Fix periodic segment crash when there are no segments to assign (only affects wday, mday, qday, or yday)
  • Fix crash in Analysis Workflow with new suffix in segments’ labels


  • Add a new Overview page.
  • You can extend RAPIDS with your own data streams. Data streams are data collected with other sensing apps besides AWARE (like Beiwe, mindLAMP), and stored in other data containers (databases, files) besides MySQL.
  • Support to analyze Empatica wearable data (thanks to Joe Kim and Brinnae Bent from the DBDP)
  • Support to analyze AWARE data stored in CSV files and InfluxDB databases
  • Support to analyze data collected over multiple time zones
  • Support for sleep intraday features from the core team and also from the community (thanks to Stephen Price)
  • Users can comment on the documentation (powered by utterances).
  • SCR_SCRIPT and SRC_LANGUAGE are replaced by SRC_SCRIPT.
  • Add RAPIDS new logo
  • Move Citation and Minimal Example page to the Setup section
  • Add config.yaml validation schema and documentation. Now it’s more difficult to modify the config.yaml file with invalid values.
  • Add new time at home Doryab location feature
  • Add and home coordinates to the location data file so location providers can build features based on it.
  • If you are migrating from RAPIDS 0.4.3 or older, check this guide


  • Fix bug when any of the rows from any sensor do not belong a time segment


  • Update battery testing
  • Fix location processing bug when certain columns don’t exist
  • Fix HR intraday bug when minutesonZONE features were 0
  • Update FAQs
  • Fix HR summary bug when restinghr=0 (ignore those rows)
  • Fix ROG, location entropy and normalized entropy in Doryab location provider
  • Remove sampling frequency dependance in Doryab location provider
  • Update documentation of Doryab location provider
  • Add new FITBIT_DATA_YIELD RAPIDS provider
  • Deprecate Doryab circadian movement feature until it is fixed


  • Fix bug when no error message was displayed for an empty [PHONE_DATA_YIELD][SENSORS] when resampling location data


  • Add four new phone sensors that can be used for PHONE_DATA_YIELD
  • Add code so new feature providers can be added for the new four sensors
  • Add new clustering algorithm (OPTICS) for Doryab features
  • Update default EPS parameter for Doryab location clustering
  • Add clearer error message for invalid phone data yield sensors
  • Add ALL_RESAMPLED flag and accuracy limit for location features
  • Add FAQ about null characters in phone tables
  • Reactivate light and wifi tests and update testing docs
  • Fix bug when parsing Fitbit steps data
  • Fix bugs when merging features from empty time segments
  • Fix minor issues in the documentation


  • Update docker and linux instructions to use RSPM binary repo for for faster installation
  • Update CI to create a release on a tagged push that passes the tests
  • Clarify in DB credential configuration that we only support MySQL
  • Add Windows installation instructions
  • Fix bugs in the create_participants_file script
  • Fix bugs in Fitbit data parsing.
  • Fixed Doryab location features context of clustering.
  • Fixed the wrong shifting while calculating distance in Doryab location features.
  • Refactored the haversine function


  • Update installation docs for RAPIDS’ docker container
  • Fix example analysis use of accelerometer data in a plot
  • Update FAQ
  • Update minimal example documentation
  • Minor doc updates


  • Update R and Python virtual environments
  • Add GH actions CI support for tests and docker
  • Add release and test badges to README


  • Fix old versions banner on nested pages


  • Fix docs deploy typo


  • Fix broken links in landing page and docs deploy


  • Fix participant IDS in the example analysis workflow


  • Fix readme link to docs


  • FIx link to the most recent version in the old version banner


  • Add new PHONE_BLUETOOTH DORYAB provider
  • Deprecate PHONE_BLUETOOTH RAPIDS provider
  • Fix bug in filter_data_by_segment for Python when dataset was empty
  • Minor doc updates
  • New FAQ item