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Phone WiFi Visible

Sensor parameters description for [PHONE_WIFI_VISIBLE]:

Key                              Description
[CONTAINER] Data stream container (database table, CSV file, etc.) where the wifi (visible) data is stored. This can be a single container or an array of containers

RAPIDS provider

Available time segments and platforms

  • Available for all time segments
  • Available for Android only

File Sequence

- data/raw/{pid}/phone_wifi_visible_raw.csv
- data/raw/{pid}/phone_wifi_visible_with_datetime.csv
- data/interim/{pid}/phone_wifi_visible_features/phone_wifi_visible_{language}_{provider_key}.csv
- data/processed/features/{pid}/phone_wifi_visible.csv

Parameters description for [PHONE_WIFI_VISIBLE][PROVIDERS][RAPIDS]:

Key                              Description
[COMPUTE] Set to True to extract PHONE_WIFI_VISIBLE features from the RAPIDS provider
[FEATURES] Features to be computed, see table below

Features description for [PHONE_WIFI_VISIBLE][PROVIDERS][RAPIDS]:

Feature Units Description
countscans scans Number of scanned WiFi access points visible (i.e., visible devices) during a time_segment, an access point can be detected multiple times over time and these appearances are counted separately
uniquedevices devices Number of unique visible device during a time_segment as identified by their hardware address
countscansmostuniquedevice scans Number of scans of the most scanned visible device during a time_segment across the whole monitoring period


  1. A visible WiFI access point is one that a phone sensed around itself but that it was not connected to. Due to API restrictions, this sensor is not available on iOS.
  2. By default AWARE stores this data in the wifi table.