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Phone WiFi Connected

Sensor parameters description for [PHONE_WIFI_CONNECTED]:

Key                              Description
[CONTAINER] Data stream container (database table, CSV file, etc.) where the wifi (connected) data is stored. This can be a single container or an array of containers

RAPIDS provider

Available time segments and platforms

  • Available for all time segments
  • Available for Android and iOS

File Sequence

- data/raw/{pid}/phone_wifi_connected_raw.csv
- data/raw/{pid}/phone_wifi_connected_with_datetime.csv
- data/interim/{pid}/phone_wifi_connected_features/phone_wifi_connected_{language}_{provider_key}.csv
- data/processed/features/{pid}/phone_wifi_connected.csv

Parameters description for [PHONE_WIFI_CONNECTED][PROVIDERS][RAPIDS]:

Key                              Description
[COMPUTE] Set to True to extract PHONE_WIFI_CONNECTED features from the RAPIDS provider
[FEATURES] Features to be computed, see table below


Feature Units Description
countscans scans Number of scanned WiFi access points connected (i.e., connected devices) during a time_segment, an access point can be detected multiple times over time and these appearances are counted separately
uniquedevices devices Number of unique connected device during a time_segment as identified by their hardware address
countscansmostuniquedevice scans Number of scans of the most scanned connected device during a time_segment across the whole monitoring period


  1. A connected WiFI access point is one that a phone was connected to.
  2. By default AWARE stores this data in the sensor_wifi table.