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Phone Applications Crashes

Sensor parameters description for [PHONE_APPLICATIONS_CRASHES]:

Key                              Description
[CONTAINER] Data stream container (database table, CSV file, etc.) where the applications crashes data is stored. This can be a single container or an array of containers
[APPLICATION_CATEGORIES][CATALOGUE_SOURCE] FILE or GOOGLE. If FILE, app categories (genres) are read from [CATALOGUE_FILE]. If [GOOGLE], app categories (genres) are scrapped from the Play Store
[APPLICATION_CATEGORIES][CATALOGUE_FILE] CSV file with a package_name and genre column. By default we provide the catalogue created by Stachl et al in data/external/stachl_application_genre_catalogue.csv
[APPLICATION_CATEGORIES][UPDATE_CATALOGUE_FILE] if [CATALOGUE_SOURCE] is equal to FILE, this flag signals whether or not to update [CATALOGUE_FILE], if [CATALOGUE_SOURCE] is equal to GOOGLE all scraped genres will be saved to [CATALOGUE_FILE]
[APPLICATION_CATEGORIES][SCRAPE_MISSING_CATEGORIES] This flag signals whether or not to scrape categories (genres) missing from the [CATALOGUE_FILE]. If [CATALOGUE_SOURCE] is equal to GOOGLE, all genres are scraped anyway (this flag is ignored)


No feature providers have been implemented for this sensor yet, however you can use its key (PHONE_APPLICATIONS_CRASHES) to improve PHONE_DATA_YIELD or you can implement your own features.