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Data Streams Introduction

A data stream is a set of sensor data collected using a specific type of device with a specific format and stored in a specific container.

For example, the aware_mysql data stream handles smartphone data (device) collected with the AWARE Framework (format) stored in a MySQL database (container). Similarly, smartphone data collected with Beiwe will have a different format and could be stored in a container like a PostgreSQL database or a CSV file.

If you want to process a data stream using RAPIDS, make sure that your data is stored in a supported format and container (see table below).

If RAPIDS doesn’t support your data stream yet (e.g. Beiwe data stored in PostgreSQL, or AWARE data stored in SQLite), you can always implement a new data stream. If it’s something you think other people might be interested on, we will be happy to include your new data stream in RAPIDS, so get in touch!.


Currently, you can add new data streams for smartphones, Fitbit, and Empatica devices. If you need RAPIDS to process data from other devices, like Oura Rings or Actigraph wearables, get in touch. It is a more complicated process that could take a couple of days to implement for someone familiar with R or Python, but we would be happy to work on it together.

For reference, these are the data streams we currently support:

Data Stream Device Format Container Docs
aware_mysql Phone AWARE app MySQL link
aware_micro_mysql Phone AWARE Micro server MySQL link
aware_csv Phone AWARE app CSV files link
aware_influxdb (beta) Phone AWARE app InfluxDB link
fitbitjson_mysql Fitbit JSON (per Fitbit’s API) MySQL link
fitbitjson_csv Fitbit JSON (per Fitbit’s API) CSV files link
fitbitparsed_mysql Fitbit Parsed (parsed API data) MySQL link
fitbitparsed_csv Fitbit Parsed (parsed API data) CSV files link
empatica_zip Empatica E4 Connect ZIP files link